Created by Mother Nature
Unlocked by the power of Plantrose®

By combining only plants and water in an innovative manner, we unlock something that the personal care industry has never seen before.


Introducing Celltice™ : Mother Nature’s building blocks upcycled from red maple trees that gently fosters skin health, protects against environmental stress, and enables indulgent textures.

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Two Grades

Mother Nature knows best

Celltice, unlocked from red maple residue using only water, is leading the emerging Upcycled beauty movement

With its consumer-friendly INCI name (Acer Rubrum Extract + Glycerin + Water), Celltice imparts both functional and active benefits across a variety of personal care applications. Celltice resonates with all stakeholders in the industry, including Consumers, Marketers and Formulators.

Why Celltice?

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Why Choose Celltice


Just as plants strengthen from within to improve their health, Celltice™ beautifies skin by reducing sebum and encouraging proper skin turnover. Its unique particle size distributes evenly on the top layers of the skin, reinforcing the protective lipids in the barrier. Owing to its high oil absorptive capacity, Celltice™ significantly controls the formation of sebum, leading to a mattifying and healthy skin complexion after one application.


Similar to plants’ ability to defend against stress, Celltice™ functions as an anti-inflammatory shield for the skin when subjected to environmental pressures. Pollution and blue light are widely reported to generate free radicals (Reactive Oxygen Species) on the skin that contribute to premature aging and cell damage. Celltice™ is proven to significantly shield against ROS formation induced by blue light in an ex-vivo skin model study.


Complementing its multi-functional skin benefits, Celltice™ is proven to be the most natural emulsifying technology in personal care today. Owing to its unique particle size and structure, Celltice™ functions through a novel Pickering mechanism by stabilizing the interface between the water and oil phases in a physical manner. This micellar-free approach does not interact negatively with the skin barrier and is incredibly effective at low levels.