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Behind our technology stands a strong group of people, investors, and science.


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With intent and determination, we developed an entirely unique and proprietary end-to-end process that allows us to unlock the gifts of nature in plants. We did this without using harsh chemicals and ensuring the efficiency and affordability of the process – winning us accolades and awards. Through this development process, we also discovered how to leverage the constituent parts of the plant to provide unique ingredients and materials for a vast array of product applications and industries. We are proud of our personal care and cosmetic ingredients which have also been recognized for their innovation, wellness enhancements, and eco-friendly nature. But we also know that we are just getting started.

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In response to growing consumer demand, there is a considerable need for plant-based ingredients that deliver comparable or superior performance to traditional ingredients. Renmatix satisfies this need in the personal care industry with the launch of Celltice™ - a brand-new ingredient consisting of botanical building blocks that functions both as an active and an excipient in formulations.


Unlocking Mother Nature’s Building Blocks with Water

The foundation of plants and trees consist of two primary building blocks – cellulose and lignin. These universal materials act as Mother Nature’s building blocks and have proven critical to botanical viability. Historically, scientists have failed to extract these important components without resorting to harsh chemicals. Until Now.

Harnessing the power of water, Renmatix has perfected a way to release cellulose and lignin from their inherent structure. This revolutionary approach is called the Plantrose® process, and involves exciting water into its supercritical state all while avoiding solvents and harsh chemicals.

Although any botanical source can be utilized, Renmatix selected a co-product of red maple (Acer rubrum) for its first launch in personal care. Acer rubrum has a favorable profile, and is non-GMO and sustainably grown in the Great Lakes area.

The result of combining plants and water in this unique way is named Celltice™ - a technology that delivers industry-leading benefits in personal care, that mirror the functionality of these building blocks in nature.


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2020 Edison Award

2015 PGCA Award