How We Unlock It

The foundation of plants consist of two primary building blocks - cellulose and lignin. These universal materials act as Mother Nature's building blocks and are critical to botanical viability. Historically, scientists have failed to extract cellulose and lignin without resorting to harsh chemicals. Until Now.

Harnessing the power of water, we have perfected a way to unlock cellulose and lignin for the plant's inherent structure. This approach is called the Plantrose(R) process and involves exciting water to its supercritical state while avoiding solvents or harsh chemicals.

The Plantrose(R) process is patent protected and has been awarded prestigious international awards, including the Edison Award (2020) and the Presidential Green Chemistry Award (2015).

As a pioneer in Upcycled Beauty, we utilize only co-product or waste streams in our Plantrose process, such as red maple wood chips from the building industry. This feed stock is typically burned, generating greenhouse gas emissions, which we avoid by leveraging them in our process and unlocking an incredible self-emulsifying active called Celltice!

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