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Upcycled from red maple using only water, Celltice is enabling the Upcycled Beauty movement.

What is Celltice?

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In personal care, Celltice™ purposefully delivers three primary benefits, functioning both as an active and an excipient in formulations. Learn more about these benefits by watching our videos filmed in Mother Nature’s beauty near our offices in PA and NY.

Where We Add Value


Celltice is a gentle skin-friendly emulsifier proven to not penetrate the skin, and demonstrated in-vivo to improve the appearance of dry and flaky skin by 67%. Key Formulations include;

Luminizing Defense CreamDay Cream


Celltice functions as an efficient emulsifier capable of delivering high oil loads to the skin for enhanced moisturization. Key Formulation examples include;

Mother Nature's Mud MaskBodywash


Celltice enables the delivery of high oil loads to the hair for lubricity and repair. Perfect for ethnic hair applications. Key Formulations include;

Hair MaskHigh Oil Shampp


Celltice is capable of stabilizing high loads of organic filters in a convenient light sprayable formulation, and dispersing inorganic pigments for reduced whitening on the skin

SPF SprayMineral Sunscreen

Upcycled Beauty

Upcycled food is defined as "ones that use ingredients that otherwise would not have gone to human consumption, are procured and produced using verifiable supply chains, and have a positive impact on the environment" (Upcycled Food Organization, May 2020). This new category is rapidly growing internationally and moving into other industries, including personal care and cosmetics.

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Mother Nautre's Mud MaskClarifying Serum
Luminizing Defence Cream

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